Research Strategy

Our goal is to accelerate the best ideas in Tinnitus research toward clinical testing and relevance for patients. By placing a strong emphasis on clinical research, we ensure that new ideas are constantly flowing into development.

Our Model

We are constantly refining our understanding of the therapeutic needs of tinnitus’s patients. Our research agenda is focused around these needs, reflecting two key areas:

  1. Research exploring specific therapeutic approaches that could contribute to the development of improved Tinnitus disease treatments

  2. Research to develop tools and resources that will help accelerate the development of Tinnitus disease treatments

We constantly seek out new ideas, relevant biological targets and promising therapeutics that can benefit people with Tinnitus. Our team of experts looks for challenge areas where the Foundation's proactive effort can accelerate the development of new and improved treatments. Priority areas allow the Foundation to quickly deploy resources and expertise where it is needed most.


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